Do you recall those gummy peach rings that used to taste so good? Now they’re back and you can rip open a bag anytime you want to enjoy the fizzy aroma and gentle sweetness that are reminiscent of your childhood.

Candy King on Salt Peachy Rings e-Liquid recreates these delectable treats with perfectly balanced sweet and sour flavors that you’ll instantly fall in love with! Available in 30mL bottles of 35mg or 50mg nicotine salt strength, this e-liquid is designed for low wattage pod systems and other similar vape devices.


Candy King on Salt Peachy Rings is a sweet and tangy rendition of the classic gummy peach ring. It’s a brilliant blend of ripe Georgia peaches and sticky sugar coated gummy candy.

It’s a delectable vape juice that will leave your taste buds salivating with its fusion-coated gummy candy goodness. This e-liquid is available in a 30mL bottle and comes in salt nicotine strengths of 35mg and 50mg.

This nicotine salt infused e-liquid is the perfect addition to your low wattage vape kit or pod system. The best part is that it isn’t too harsh on your throat and gives you a nice nicotine rush without the sting of traditional e-liquids. It also is a lot easier to refill your e-juice and will last you longer! As with most nicotine salt e-liquids, you can use it in any non sub-ohm device or pod based e-cig. For a truly awesome vape experience, get your hands on a bottle of this deliciously tasty concoction today!

Nicotine Strength

Candy King on Salt Peachy Rings nicotine salt e-juice is a brilliant vape juice blend that recreates those gummy peach rings you used to enjoy as a kid. This e-liquid combines ripe peaches with sour gummy candy flavors, perfectly fusing together to create a heavenly experience.

The tangy flavor of ripe peach combined with the soft undertones of sweet gummy candy is going to delight your taste buds and make you want more. Fusion-coated gummy candy will wrap around your sweet tooth demanding you take another hit!

Available in 30mL bottles of 35mg or 50mg nicotine salt strength, this nic e-liquid from Candy King is perfect for low wattage vape tanks. It delivers a delightful puff of sour peach confection flavor in a bottle with premium ingredients and outstanding flavor.


Peachy Rings is a sweet and juicy peach gummy e-liquid with an icy cool backbone. Its mix of sweet and sour flavors is perfectly balanced to recreate the vapable best rendition of a gummy peach ring from your adolescence.

This e-liquid is packaged in a large bottle that features an 80 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 20 percent propylene glycol base. It is available in a variety of nicotine strengths and can be used with most devices. It is a great choice for a sub-ohm tank or even a pod starter kit. It has an innovative vapor alert system, which will let you know when your battery is low or your tank is empty. Its smallest bottle measures 30 milliliters, which is more than enough for a full day of vaping. Be sure to read all the warnings and precautions before using this product. The best part is that you can buy the e-liquid at any Drip More location, including a local shop!


Known for their incredible candy-flavored vape juices, Candy King is one of the most popular brands in the industry. Hundreds of customers have left positive, unbiased reviews to help you make your next purchase from their line of e-liquids.

Peachy Rings by Candy King on Salt is a sweet and juicy puff of sour peach confection flavor with an icy menthol finish. Available in 30mL bottles with 35mg and 50mg nicotine salt strength, this e-liquid will fill your low-wattage vape tank with premium ingredients and outstanding flavor.

Nicotine salts are a great way to experience an improved hit from your e-liquids without sacrificing the delicious taste. Unlike traditional inhalable tobacco products, nicotine salts use a different type of nicotine to provide the desired “hit” without compromising flavor. Nic salts come in different nicotine strengths to accommodate any level of smoker. For those looking to get the most out of their vapes, nic salts are a must try.