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New Orleans 24/7 Emergency Vet & Specialty Care

If you need an emergency veterinarian for your pet, it’s important to act quickly. Here are steps to help you find an Emergency Veterinarian in New Orleans LA:

  1. Contact Your Regular Veterinarian:
    • If your regular veterinarian is open, start by calling them. They may provide emergency services or guide you to an emergency vet clinic.
  2. Search Online:
    • Use online search engines to find emergency veterinary clinics near your location. Include keywords such as “emergency vet” along with your city or area.
  3. Emergency Veterinary Apps:
    • Some apps and websites are specifically designed to help pet owners find emergency veterinary care. These platforms may provide information on available clinics, their hours, and contact details.
  4. Ask for Recommendations:
    • Seek recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues who may have experience with emergency veterinary care in your area.
  5. Check Local Directories:
    • Explore local business directories or online platforms that list veterinary services. These directories often provide contact information and may include reviews from other pet owners.
  6. Contact Animal Shelters or Rescue Organizations:
    • Local animal shelters or rescue organizations may have information about nearby emergency veterinary services. They are often well-connected within the local pet care community.
  7. Visit Nearest Veterinary School:
    • If you’re near a veterinary school, they may have an emergency clinic or can provide guidance on where to find one.
  8. Check Social Media and Forums:
    • Online pet forums or community groups may have members who can share recommendations for emergency veterinary services based on their experiences.
  9. Emergency Hotlines:
    • Some regions have specific hotlines or services for emergency veterinary care. Check with local animal control or animal services for information.
  10. Keep Important Numbers Handy:
    • Save the contact information for emergency veterinary services in your area in case you need it in the future. This ensures that you can quickly access help in urgent situations.

Remember that if you suspect your pet is experiencing a medical emergency, it’s essential to seek professional veterinary care immediately. Timely action can make a significant difference in the outcome for your pet.

Fume Extra Banana Ice Disposable Vape Review

Fume Extra Banana Ice has been making waves in the world of disposable vapes, and its Banana Ice flavor adds a refreshing and tropical twist to the lineup. This product review delves into the qualities that set Fume Extra Banana Ice apart, offering vapers a delectable combination of sweet bananas and icy coolness in every puff.

1. **Tropical Indulgence:**

Fume Extra Banana Ice promises a tropical indulgence that transports vapers to sun-soaked paradises. The infusion of sweet banana flavor, reminiscent of ripe tropical fruit, creates a vaping experience that’s both satisfying and evocative of warm, exotic locales.

2. **Icy Cool Sensation:**

What sets Fume Extra Banana Ice apart is the invigorating icy cool sensation that accompanies the banana sweetness. The cooling effect adds a layer of freshness to the overall flavor profile, creating a well-balanced vape that is both sweet and refreshingly cool.

3. **Authentic Banana Flavor:**

Fume Extra takes pride in delivering authentic flavors, and the Banana Ice variant is no exception. The banana essence captures the natural sweetness of ripe bananas, ensuring that vapers experience the true taste of this tropical delight with each inhalation.

4. **Smooth Inhale, Exhale, and Cool Finish:**

The vaping journey with Fume Extra Banana Ice begins with a smooth inhale that allows vapers to relish the sweetness of ripe bananas. On the exhale, the cool sensation emerges, leaving a refreshing finish that lingers on the palate. The combination of smooth transitions and a cool finish enhances the overall vaping satisfaction.

5. **Convenience in Every Puff:**

Fume Extra disposable vapes are designed for convenience, and Banana Ice is no exception. With no need for charging, refilling, or complicated settings, vapers can enjoy the tropical goodness at their own pace. Simply unwrap, puff, and savor the delightful combination of banana sweetness and icy coolness.

6. **Compact and Portable:**

Fume Extra Banana Ice comes in a compact and portable design, making it easy to carry wherever the day takes you. The sleek and lightweight device ensures that vapers can enjoy their favorite tropical flavor on the go, without any cumbersome equipment.

7. **Long-Lasting Performance:**

Fume Extra Banana Ice is crafted for long-lasting performance, featuring a substantial e-liquid capacity that extends the vaping experience. The device is pre-filled to provide ample puffs, allowing vapers to indulge in the tropical goodness for an extended period.


Fume Extra Banana Ice combines the sweetness of ripe bananas with a refreshing icy twist, creating a vaping experience that is both tropical and invigorating. Whether you’re a fan of fruity flavors or looking to explore a new and satisfying vape, Fume Extra Banana Ice promises a cool and delightful journey with each puff.

Glamee Beer Rainbow Candy – Disposable Vape Flavors

Indulge your senses with a symphony of mouthwatering flavors that tantalize every taste bud. Whether you crave the refreshing burst of watermelon, the vibrant explosion of rainbow flavors, or the creamy indulgence of Key Lime Pie, Glamee Beer has a vape flavor to suit any palate. Plus, each Glamee Beer disposable vape pod comes with a massive 16ml e-liquid capacity and provides up to 4500 puffs.

Cherry Lime

If you enjoy the refreshing sensation of icy cool lemonade and a tangy punch of cherry, this is the flavor for you. The sweetness of the cherries is perfectly balanced with the zesty lime for a refreshing and smooth vape.

Strawberries, pineapples and blueberries are a healthy medley of fruits that’s packed with vitamin C. This delicious flavor combines these three fruits with a hint of cooling menthol.

The Glamee Beer Rainbow Candy disposable vaporizer satisfies your craving for big flavors in an easy-to-use, portable device that’s perfect for new vapers or mobile use. This device comes in multiple colors and features a USB-C rechargeable battery, flashy wattage meter, draw-activated design and reliable safety features. Its massive 16ml e-liquid capacity can deliver a staggering maximum of 4500 puffs, providing you with an unrivaled vaping experience that’s both smooth and satisfying.

Purple Rain

Discover a mouthwatering range of flavors in the Glamee Beer disposable vape device. Powered by an 800mAh rechargeable battery and featuring a 16ml e-liquid capacity that can provide up to 4500 puffs, this slim and pocket friendly disposable vape pod is ideal for on-the-go vaping.

Purple Rain from the Dinner Lady Fruits range combines the refreshing flavors of tangy raspberries and sweet blueberries to create a luscious fruit slush that’s irresistible. This fun jungle juice flavor comes in a premium disposable pod vaporizer device that’s USB-C rechargeable and easy to use for new vapers and mobile users.

The Glamee Beer disposable vape is available in 10 mouthwatering flavors to choose from, allowing you to find your perfect match. From the refreshing coolness of Watermelon to the tangy burst of Orange Blueberry, you’ll find something for every taste preference with the Glamee Beer disposable vape. Try them all and discover your favorite!

Strawberry Lemonade

If you’re a fan of fruity flavors, you will love Glamee’s diverse selection. From the sweet and juicy taste of Watermelon to the tangy burst of Key Lime Pie or Orange Blueberry, there are many mouth-watering options available. And with a maximum of 4500 puffs, Glamee’s disposable vapes can last for hours without the need for refilling or recharging.

The Glamee Beer, Flow, and Nova come pre-filled with e-liquids that contain a nicotine strength of 50mg (5%). Each device is powered by an 800mAh rechargeable battery and features a USB-C charger that’s more convenient than traditional micro-USB chargers. Plus, Glamee’s disposable vapes are rechargeable, making them a more sustainable option than traditional disposables that are only designed to be used once and discarded. For more information about Glamee’s disposable vaping devices, visit the official website. The company also has a variety of accessories available, including cases and sleeves that can help you customize your device’s look.


The Glamee Beer Rainbow Candy is a colossal disposable vape with a massive 16ml of e-liquid and offers up to 4500 puffs! It features a wide selection of fruity and dessert flavors to satisfy any palate. Enjoy the refreshing taste of Lush Ice and Blueberry Raspberry for a cool and revitalizing sensation, or savor the juicy sweetness of Watermelon and Strawberry Banana.

Indulge in a kaleidoscope of flavors with the vibrant explosion of rainbow flavors. Experience a fusion of luscious berries and zesty citrus fruits with every inhale. Or, refresh your palate with the cool blast of menthol with Peach Ice and experience a rejuvenating vaping session.

Glamee has a disposable for everyone! These unique and portable devices allow you to carry your favorite flavor in a pocket-friendly device that is able to deliver a powerful and satisfying vaping experience. Each device has a sleek and elegant design that makes it a great addition to any vaping lifestyle.

The Basics of Residential Plumbing in Long Beach CA

A Residential Plumbing in Long Beach CA system carries fresh water throughout the house to sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and showers. It also carries waste away to a public sewer or septic tank.

The visible interior supply, drain waste, and vent piping are made of many kinds of materials. A basic understanding of how these systems work can help homeowners maintain them.

Water Supply

The home plumbing system routes clean water to the fixtures and appliances that use it. This includes faucets, showers, toilets and washing machines. It also carries away wastewater and storm runoff. This plumbing system must meet stringent public health and safety regulations.

The system’s most important element is the water supply line that brings municipal water to your home. This line may be made from copper, steel or plastic tubing. It’s typically installed underground to protect it from damage or tampering. The water supply line runs from the water meter to your house, then branches out to deliver water to each fixture and appliance.

This drinking water plumbing system needs adequate inspections and maintenance from a professional plumber to minimize waste and leakage. The piping should be free of cross-piping with wastewater lines, which could transmit contamination.

The piping should be sized appropriately to meet fire-flow standards and maintain a pressure of 20 pounds per square inch gauge (psig). The higher the pressure, the better the water flow. Leaks in this plumbing system are a significant concern because they reduce water pressure and increase the cost of running water-related household appliances. An experienced plumber can repair most types of leaks quickly and inexpensively.

Water Heater

The water heater is the plumbing appliance that heats incoming cold water to supply your hot-water needs. This includes showers, tubs, dishwashing, laundry, and other household uses. Most homes have a tank-style electric or gas water heater but there are also hybrid and point-of-use systems that work with a home’s existing piping to provide instant hot water.

The water heater’s storage tanks are usually made of steel and are coated with glass lining to protect the metal from corrosion. The tanks may have magnesium anode rods to slow down the corrosive effects of water on the steel.

Your piping system runs from the water heater to your fixtures and appliances. Ideally, this piping is made of PEX (cross-linked polyethylene), which is becoming more popular for Residential Plumbing in Long Beach CA applications. Unlike copper, PEX does not rust or require soldering for joints. This pipe material is flexible and provides a good insulator to help prevent the formation of cold spots or freezing water inside the pipes.

Ideally, the plumbing manifold, which provides a connection to each fixture and appliance, is located in an easily accessible location such as a basement or service closet. This minimizes the amount of time it takes to shut off a single fixture and makes maintenance and repair easier. It also reduces the number of joints in a system, which helps to keep water pressure high.


The drainage system is designed to remove excess water from your property and keep sewer gases out of the building. It includes drain lines, traps and cleanouts that work with the piping to collect wastewater, remove it from your house and dispose of it in an approved manner.

Each plumbing fixture has its own drain line that connects to the main drain line. The main drain line is plumbed with a slope to help water flow freely; it leads to the city sewer system or your septic tank on your property. The piping in the drain system also includes vent piping that allows air into the system to ensure that drains function properly. If you notice an unpleasant smell in your home, it may be due to a blocked drain or clogged vent pipe.

Surface water drainage is for all the rainwater that falls on your property. This water flows down the gutters, into the patio and sports field drains and into a soakaway or river or stream. Foul water drains are for all waste water that enters the household plumbing, such as toilet paper, food scraps and human waste.

The drainage system must be in good working order to protect the structure from flood damage and to prevent sewer gases from entering the house. It’s best to have a plumber inspect your drainage system regularly, especially if you live in an older property with clay pipes.


The sewer is the drain line that carries all of your waste away from your home. It is one of the most important but least understood parts of your plumbing system.

The main sewer line takes the sewage that leaves your toilets, sinks, tubs and showers to the City’s sewer treatment plant or if you have a septic system it goes to your septic tank and field.

When non-biodegradable items are flushed they can cause clogs and blockages in the pipes that carry your waste to the City’s wastewater system or your septic system. Proper responses to clogs can minimize health effects and property damage. If you think you have a sewer problem please contact us.

Most modern homes have a house sewer line that is connected to the public sewer. Older homes may have combined sewer lines that accept both sanitary and storm water. These are becoming less common because they put a strain on the public wastewater treatment plants by also taking in rain water.

The City keeps maps that show where the sewer line is located on private properties. Before you start any digging around your home you should know where the main sewer line is so you don’t accidentally cut it. You can find this out by calling the previous owners or your local government.

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